Centre for Science and Society (CS2)

The Centre for Science and Society (CS2) leverages and extends the benefits of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) teaching and research conducted at IISER Bhopal to the society at large.


Teaching and Learning (TLC)

Organises educational and outreach initiatives

Technology Development Centre

Coordinates IP and technology transfer

Media Outreach

Facilitates the dissemination of institute news



  • What is multimedia classroom and what can it be used for?
    For more information please Click here

    I want to use/book the multimedia classroom, whom should I contact?
    Please click on the given link for booking : Class/Conf Room Booking or contact Office, Centre for Science and Society (CS2) & call at +91 755 269 2416 or drop an Email at office_cs2[AT]iiserb.ac.in

    I want to use the multimedia classroom, can I get some technical help for this?
    Yes, there is a dedicated personnel for this, and you may get the required assistance if you plan early.

    Do I need to pay anything to use this facility?
    No, you do not need to pay anything for the use of this facility. This facility is avaialbel free of cost for IISER Bhopal users. However, CS2 may charge a nominal fee for external users.

  • Does the course need to be approved by IISERB?
    Yes. The course should have been approved by the IISERB Senate.

    Does the proposed need to match a pre-existing course here at IISERB?
    Yes, but it may deviate by 10-20%.

    Should I have taught the course before at IISER?
    Yes. At least thrice.

    What is the duration of the course?
    It may be one of 4, 8, or 12 weeks. Each week will have 2.5 hours of pre-recorded lectures, and there will be one live interaction every four weeks.

    Can the course run anytime?
    The course must run during the regular semester, starting either in January, or in July for the 12-week course. It can start later for shorter courses.

    Can I re-run a course I have taught at NPTEL before?

    Who owns the copyright of the footage?
    The instructor holds the copyright, but you cannot upload it on your own Youtube channel (or equivalent) without permission from NPTEL.

    How do I record the course?
    We have in-house facility to record the lectures. You may get in touch with office CS2 for course proposal form and to schedule recording.

    Do I get monetary compensation for offering a NPTEL course?
    Please contact the CS2 office for details of the remuneration.

    Can I run a summer workshop under NPTEL?
    Yes. NPTEL funds summer workshops as well.

  • I am a faculty at a school/college/educational institute. How can I arrange for a visit of our students to your campus?
    IISER Bhopal encourages educational visits by school/college students to its labs and other facilities. Please contact office CS2 or email at office_cs2[AT]iiserb.ac.in to organise the visit.

    I am an IISER-Bhopal faculty who wants to organise a social outreach event as part of Scientific Social Responsibility (SSR) under my SERB/DST project. Whom should I contact?
    CS2 can facilitate and coordinate the organisation of such events. Please fill up this Google Form to help us figure out how best we can assist you.

    I am an IISER-Bhopal faculty who is interested in social/community outreach. How can I involve myself in CS2 activities?
    CS2 benefits greatly from peer support. In case you want to get involved in the various social outreach activities, please reach out to office CS2 or email at office_cs2[AT]iiserb.ac.in

  • I am a faculty at IISER Bhopal, I want to conduct a teachers training/workshop. What should I do?
    Contact CS2 for details or submit the required information (in the prescribed format/Google form link) of the proposed activity with the following details, a relevant theme/area/aim, the proposed audience, tentative schedule and time of the workshop/program, number of potential participants, proposed budget. Details of funding support if available.

    I am a school/college teacher/principal and I want to conduct a teacher’s training workshop. What should I do?
    Contact CS2 with an outline (in the prescribed format/Google form link) of the proposed activity with the following details, A relevant theme/area/aim, Tentative schedule and time of the workshop/program, number of potential participants, proposed budget. Full details of funding support are available.

    What support can I expect from CS2?
    Upon approval, CS2 will coordinate with the Faculty/Department to conduct the workshop/training. This will include providing all possible logistic support for conducting the workshop. (Designing and hosting of the of the worskshop/training brochure, managing applications, providing assistance in arranging accommodation, and food, allotment and disbursement of funds for the program and issuing certificates).

    When should I get in touch with CS2?
    Sooner the better. Avoid last-minute hassles.

    Can I expect to get funding support from CS2?
    Upon approval of the proposal, the reviewing committee may consider partial or complete funding of the proposed activity.

  • I am a faculty/researcher at IISER Bhopal, what is the process to file a patent?
    The inventor(s), can apply for a patent with a provisional or a complete specification through the impanelled attorney by duly submitting the invention disclosure form to Technology Development Centre.Please go through the Technology Development Center website and download the SOP for IPR filing.

    How long it takes to evaluate whether the invention is worth filing a patent?
    It takes 6-8 weeks after submission of Invention disclosure to the Technology Development Centre. There is an internal review followed by a presentation in front of the expert panel constituted by the Institute. Based on the feedback received, the inventor can get in touch with the empanelled attorney for the IPR filing.

    If the patent is granted, who owns the IPR?
    The intellectual property created at the institute using the Institute's resources is owned by the Institute. However, at the commercialization, the inventor may have a share in the revenue earned as per the Institute policy. Please refer to the R&D manual for the details.

    Does the Institute provide support towards the IPR filing fee and related expenses?
    After a thorough review by the experts, and looking at the commercialization potential, the Institute may provide support for the IPR application (India / International).

    When does the inventor have to pay the maintenance / renewal fee for the patent? Does the Institute provide any support towards that?
    The maintenance/renewal fees need to be paid only after the grant of the patent for every year right from the first 2 years till the total term of a patent. As of now, the institute provides support for the maintenance for the first few years based on the commercialization potential of the patent.

    If an industry is interested in taking the IPR license, how to take it forward?
    Please get in touch with the Coordinator, Technology Development Centre with the details. The TDC will initiate the discussion with the Industrial partner, and will keep the inventor informed about the developments.

  • What is media outreach?
    Media outreach simply means putting your story in front of people (mainly journalists, reporters, and editors) who have a platform to tell it to a wider audience. In order to have a successful media outreach campaign, the media outreach cell start by laying out the outreach plan for a content to be shared to the outside world.

    I am a faculty/researcher at IISER Bhopal, what is the process of posting the content related to my work on the Institute Facebook page?
    You can prepare the content in less than 100 words, and sent it to the mediacell[AT]iiserb.ac.in with a clear subject lines and copy to the head of the department/reporting authority.

    Can I use the same content for the Institute Twitter handle?
    Twitter has a word limit. You can prepare a short content (limited to 30 words), and sent it to the mediacell[AT]iiserb.ac.in with a clear subject lines and copy to the head of the department/reporting authority.

    Can I share the news of my publication to the newspapers directly?
    It is advisable to share the news to the outside world through the media outreach cell only. The media outreach ahs a larger network of journalist and have a system in place to disseminate the news to the larger audiences.

    Does media cell helps in preparing the draft for the press release?
    Generally, media outreach cell would put you in touch with the journalist and content experts, who help you, prepare the draft but it’s a team work and most of the writing is done and approved by the content owner (faculty/staff/student).

    I am an IISERB student. Can I request the media cell to share the content on the Institute social media pages?
    Yes you can, as long as the news to be shared is approved by the HODs. Most of the times, any notable achievement of the student community is shared by the office of DOSA. In that case, you do not require approvals, and the content can be shared.