The Institute’s media outreach cell disseminates the information related to the institute, achievements of faculty, students and staff or any other significant development at the institute to create awareness through various forms of media i.e., Print Media, Electronic Media and Social Media, etc. The social media and technology have drastically changed how people consume news, while the journalists have also changed the way they source stories. Media outreach helps the IISER community to come up with an effective outreach related to their work that helps in overall branding of the Institute. With the increasing penetration of social media platforms, the media outreach cell facilitates targeted approach to share the information with target audiences in an efficient manner. At times, the need is felt to use alternative strategies to reach to people who are not connected with social media, therefore the media outreach is also facilitated through the print media platforms for assured reach. The media outreach is being streamlined to maximize the impact of various media platforms. The following guidelines have been issued for covering the institute related news through the media outreach cell. Guidelines for sharing the content through Media Outreach Cell: Click here

Outreach Activities

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Highlights of the Coverage

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Dr. Mitradip Bhattacharjee
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science