Platform Technologies Services

Most visionary ventures strongly feel that making small changes in existing product won’t take them anywhere. Therefore, it is truly important to go deeper into science to innovate and build new products. At CS2 through the LabCORE, the centre provides the opportunity to Industries to access state of the art platform technologies and instrumentation at IISER Bhopal. This program aims to cover following features at LabCORE

  • To capitalize on the return it will receive through the services. The income generated would be part of the IISER funds and will contribute to the existing endowment of the institute.
  • To increase the hour usage of instruments in the lab which are very investigator specific and aren’t into much use. To justify the investments on those expensive instruments along with the maintenance charges, the income generation would help in adding to the existing funds of the IISER Bhopal.
  • To build an R&D centre fully or partly funded by the corporate through the active collaboration or support from Corporate' Social Responsibility (CSR) funds. This centre can be used by the IISER faculty, staff and scientific community from the corporate partners. It would be envisioned as an Industry-academic centre of excellence. It also provides an interface where academia meets industry, and would open up the possibilities for academicians to solve the real world problems.
  • To create a science and media cell for popularization of science while being generalist in approach to the society and spread the word about innovation and excellent science that is being done at IISER Bhopal.