Endowment Fund for IISER Bhopal

The idea of giving back to the Society through supporting education and futuristic research is nurtured by the internationally reputed academic and research Institutes by creating endowments, encouraging the Corporate' Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, creation of faculty chairs, fellowships, scholarships for students and creation of physical infrastructure etc. To promote new initiatives in science education and cutting edge research at the Institute, there is a pressing need to create a substantial endowment. The Board of Governors has approved the proposal for creation of Institute's Endowment Fund for parking the net earnings of the Institute out of special efforts and use the interest of endowment for specific purposes and development plans. In long run, the CS2 will actively participate in fund raising for the IISER Bhopal endowment. The funds contributed by the corporate through CSR or by individuals can be categorized into restricted or non-restricted funds based on the recommendation of the concerned committee. Click here for more details.

  • Restricted Funds raised will be subjected to certain conditions set out by the donor / contributor / funding agency or it may be restricted to be utilized for specific purposes.
  • Unrestricted Funds will have no such restrictions. The objective while accepting an unrestricted grant / donation is to ensure its usage for general purposes that contributes to the aim in longer run.
  • Endowment funds will be received with a stipulation from the donor that the principal amount will be invested in permissible guaranteed return schemes, and the return earned from this fund can be used for the purposes.
  • The centre will explore the funding opportunities for IISER Bhopal through Contributions/ Donations/ Subscriptions/ Gifts from National/International Agencies and Individuals such as: Industry, Industry-associations, Trusts, Foundations, Any Other Institutions, Alumni, Faculty, Staff, etc. Utilization/Expenditure from endowment fund will be governed by institute’s investment policy of the endowment fund to create physical infrastructure, scholarships, community and social welfare, alumni activities, research and development and overall promoting science education.